Wilderness Parade

August 18, 2008

Ahh..it’s been more than a week. I have yet to cut anything. Am really preoccupied with my mountainous work. It just keeps getting higher and higher. Had to sacrifice my cutting time for work. The last i cut was another… prolly i should let u know after i finish 🙂

Hehe..you prolly noticed the fancy title. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s nothing close to “wilderness”. The word just struck and got stuck in my head.

Here it is..the one i had done same time with those fairies. Just too lazy to edit the pic.

Hoax…not wilderness. Just having fun with my figurines. I think that my lassie is cute and should be included. So did the lamb, the dairy lass and piglet 😀

This is wilderness parade..

6 animals of great stature.

  1. Lion, king of the jungle.
  2. Ostrich, largest and fastest bird on land (hope i’m correct)
  3. Hippo, huge herbivore
  4. Elephant, most massive animal on land.
  5. Rhino, another massive animal, just behind elephant.
  6. Giraffe. Needless to say, tallest animal.

The grass is randomly knifed..lucky it looks good from far :p