Bunnies and more…

June 24, 2008

I’m still on bunnies. Tribute to my pet Fluffy. 😛

All these are done with penknife. Still a bit awkward with rounded edges. I cheated by trimming it with scissors. I learned a lesson. I know, now, that i need to start from the middle. Cut whatever that needs to be cut first, then only the outline. I made that grave mistake with rabbits and flowers (refer to 1st post). I cut half of the outline. Was bored with it, so i transfered my scissors to the mid part. Stupid me. Now i know better.

Did these in 2 days.. actually it took less than 10 mins to produce each but i got distracted by other stuff.

The bunnies attack

Close up view – Jumping Bunnies

Jumping Bunnies

Upclose and personal with Reminiscing Bunnies

Reminiscing bunnies

Cute aren’t they? I just love bunnies. I found the designs somewhere online. I cut NOT for business purposes..just for my own scrapbook. Credits to them.

And talking bout scrapbook, i dont own one yet 😛