In the meantime…

July 23, 2008

Unable to do work. The boss decided to “donate” my laptop away. Waiting for another from my colleague. She’s still back-up-ing, transferring her stuff to another IBM machine. The IBM looks so boxy and ancient. I’ll be getting another acer. Temporarily, i cant do any of my work…I rather not setup on the desktop, double trouble putting all on the laptop again. Sigh…

So, in the meantime, I get to “snake”. Snake on crosswords, tonnes and tonnes of sudokus, addokus, shapeshifters, food blogs… Am addicted to food blogs. I cant stop reading but ironically, i dont cook either. (i’m ranting too much).

OK, here are the rest of my cuttings as promised in the previous entry.

Bear and cub..with the new mat ^^. Hehehehe cant stop showing u the new mat.

Bear and cub. And an owl on top. U cant see the owl’s eye. The holes i made were too small. I poked ’em with those map pins..

I’m still on bears…so here’s another one.

All these are done with penknife only. I can ditch my scissors. Prolly i should change my blog header. Working with knives (sharp ones) is much much faster.

That’s it for now. I don’t have any other cuttings to show. No time to cut. MUST FIND TIME! (But when i do, i prefer to rest instead of bending over the cutting mat with a penknife).

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Busy busy busy…

July 23, 2008

Finally, get some time to update. Have been busy with office work, outings and bbqs. Currently am still swamped with office work. Drat!

Actually I’ve done some cuttings long time ago, just didn’t have the time to upload those pictures and framed it with borders. With those new blades & mat, i managed to cut few in matter of minutes. Lesson learned : always hv sharp blades.

Anyway, here are the photos…

CKS Cutting Mat

The Cutting Mat.. woo hoo!!!

New blades.. RM1.70 for 5. Now i can change those blades like mad hehehe. See those leaves i’ve cut..i did all those in few secs.

Of course, not to forget, new album to put all my cuttings. Just an ordinary stick-on photo album. I’m just sticking everything in. No idea how to decorate yet 🙂 I’ll get back to it when my brain is more active.

The completed cuttings of the bunny above.

Another chinese bunny. I’ll update with bears on the next post. This one is getting too long

Shopping spree!

July 16, 2008

Got crazy and bought myself BLADES…whole bunch of blades.

Got myself a CUTTING MAT. I’m loving it. It’s one of most awesome things man created. I can slash slash slash and it leaves no scar. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!!!! I likey! Guess how much is it?

Snip snip utensils

July 2, 2008

In short, my tools.

In shorter terms, my faithful scissors and penknives.

snip snip..

I think i have more than half a dozen of scissors of various sizes, but only 3 are suitable.

slash slash

Penknives i have 2. Blades..umm..lost it. Currently using a rusty but well-oiled blade. Doing its job well. I have nothing to complain except…


Holding a universal penknife (or any stuff) is always an inconvenience for a lefty. The penknife left its imprint on my finger after 20mins. Hehehe..i think i should wrap the rubber thingy sometimes found on those ballpens or just flip the blade the other way round and hold it “the other way round”. Haiz…sad sad.

Anyway, sneak preview of what i’m doing now. Been dragging it as usual. Heheheh..

can see?

(i notice all my pics were either black/white/yellow/orange…sorry. i’m still trying out silhouettes)

Scissors affair

June 23, 2008

Finally stepped foot in 1Borneo yesterday evening.. From the newspaper, it looked like midvalley. Sad to say, it’s much smaller, well, at least to me. As it is still under construction and most shops under renovation, it was dusty inside out. It’s stil FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from being a “lifestyle hypermall“. Hopefully when it’s all done, it will look much more like one. Oh, before i forget, i have to tell u bout the parking bay. Uber annoying. Wonder who designed it.

The only shop i seemed to be interested in was Daiso. Great japanese store..all stuff priced at RM5 (i seriously hope this is true). Saw lotsa scissorssss…. When i say lots, i mean lots. There are scissors for papers, for sewing purposes, for the kitchen, for trimming flower, beauty purposes and for fishing. No, u read correctly, for fishing. It’s cute. Rounded head with a little hole… 😀 Never knew such scissors existed. Prolly it’s for cutting nylon i know where to get one when i’m out fishing and is desperately in need of a pair scissors hehe.

Anyway, spotted a pretty, slim-figured scissor . Will be mine soooonnnn. It’s one of those pointed beauty scissors. Easier to reach into those tricky and tiny areas. The current one i have is curvy..not a very good choice.