I have 4 fairies tucked away safely in my album. Hoping they’ll grant me wishes hahaha.

Lemme have the pleasure of introducing them to you.

This is Monday. She has a wand. Hope she has thousands.., okay, i shouldn’t be greedy, hundreds of wishes to give away FOC. Anyway, she’s missing a wing. There was some mishap when i was shaping her hand. Monday blues i guess…

Here is Tuesday. She’s having a blast watching me cutting her other fairy friend, Wednesday.

Wednesday… Nice to meet ya! She’s intrigued with butterflies. You can see she’s holding one now 🙂 I like her hair. It’s tied up nicely…

Meet Thursday… She, like Wednesday, loves to mingle with butterflies. This one took me longer to cut (coz of those grass). And her hair, a bit medusa-ish. Cant help it, to complicated to be done with a exacto. My pair of scissors is too big to snip those curves.

No Friday, Saturday nor Sunday yet. Soon I hope, quite busy at the moment.