Wilderness Parade

August 18, 2008

Ahh..it’s been more than a week. I have yet to cut anything. Am really preoccupied with my mountainous work. It just keeps getting higher and higher. Had to sacrifice my cutting time for work. The last i cut was another… prolly i should let u know after i finish 🙂

Hehe..you prolly noticed the fancy title. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s nothing close to “wilderness”. The word just struck and got stuck in my head.

Here it is..the one i had done same time with those fairies. Just too lazy to edit the pic.

Hoax…not wilderness. Just having fun with my figurines. I think that my lassie is cute and should be included. So did the lamb, the dairy lass and piglet 😀

This is wilderness parade..

6 animals of great stature.

  1. Lion, king of the jungle.
  2. Ostrich, largest and fastest bird on land (hope i’m correct)
  3. Hippo, huge herbivore
  4. Elephant, most massive animal on land.
  5. Rhino, another massive animal, just behind elephant.
  6. Giraffe. Needless to say, tallest animal.

The grass is randomly knifed..lucky it looks good from far :p


Miaow Miaowwww

July 29, 2008

To all cat lovers…

Look at those details 🙂 Had fun with those tricky whiskers and eyes

The finishing product after 1.5 hours (approx) bending over my study table with super sore fingers. Looks pretty good ain’t it 😀

Sadly, not the case 😦 Those cats have missing whiskers, disconnected paws, disfigured eyes, severed leg…. :S Poor cats..I’ve circled in RED.

Since this is unsatisfactory, i did another one 🙂 Rear view of these 5 cats hehehe… (took me another 1.5 hours)

A closer look..i like the tail especially.

All i can say is, this one is perfect or should i say “PURR-fect”. Best cutting i’d done so far!

In the meantime…

July 23, 2008

Unable to do work. The boss decided to “donate” my laptop away. Waiting for another from my colleague. She’s still back-up-ing, transferring her stuff to another IBM machine. The IBM looks so boxy and ancient. I’ll be getting another acer. Temporarily, i cant do any of my work…I rather not setup on the desktop, double trouble putting all on the laptop again. Sigh…

So, in the meantime, I get to “snake”. Snake on crosswords, tonnes and tonnes of sudokus, addokus, shapeshifters, food blogs… Am addicted to food blogs. I cant stop reading but ironically, i dont cook either. (i’m ranting too much).

OK, here are the rest of my cuttings as promised in the previous entry.

Bear and cub..with the new mat ^^. Hehehehe cant stop showing u the new mat.

Bear and cub. And an owl on top. U cant see the owl’s eye. The holes i made were too small. I poked ’em with those map pins..

I’m still on bears…so here’s another one.

All these are done with penknife only. I can ditch my scissors. Prolly i should change my blog header. Working with knives (sharp ones) is much much faster.

That’s it for now. I don’t have any other cuttings to show. No time to cut. MUST FIND TIME! (But when i do, i prefer to rest instead of bending over the cutting mat with a penknife).

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Busy busy busy…

July 23, 2008

Finally, get some time to update. Have been busy with office work, outings and bbqs. Currently am still swamped with office work. Drat!

Actually I’ve done some cuttings long time ago, just didn’t have the time to upload those pictures and framed it with borders. With those new blades & mat, i managed to cut few in matter of minutes. Lesson learned : always hv sharp blades.

Anyway, here are the photos…

CKS Cutting Mat

The Cutting Mat.. woo hoo!!!

New blades.. RM1.70 for 5. Now i can change those blades like mad hehehe. See those leaves i’ve cut..i did all those in few secs.

Of course, not to forget, new album to put all my cuttings. Just an ordinary stick-on photo album. I’m just sticking everything in. No idea how to decorate yet 🙂 I’ll get back to it when my brain is more active.

The completed cuttings of the bunny above.

Another chinese bunny. I’ll update with bears on the next post. This one is getting too long

Sneak Peek Revealed

July 10, 2008

Have been procrastinating for quite some time. Cant find the time to edit the pics i took of my cuttings. Picnik is slow to load. Wonder what’s wrong with the line these days.

Anyway, here are those bunnieesssss 🙂 MORE BUNNY… this time a bit Chinesey. Took me longer to cut these. I did some changes to the original sketch as well. Omitted the chinese word. No idea what word it was (prolly it meant rabbit)…hehehe shame on me.

Original chinese bunnnnny

Original design. Notice the outlines in blue? Getting rid of the word and replaced with more flowers 🙂

Bunny..see the butt

Got a hard time knifing those little slits on the rabbit’s neck and leg areas…i actually sliced off part of the butt (hehehe but u cant see,can u? :p)

Black version

Another shot of the bunny..

FramedBlack version

The bunnies in whole..

Did a quickie snip the day before yesterday. Guess whom i’ve snipped?

… (maybe sensitive to your eyes. children be careful)


Bunnies and more…

June 24, 2008

I’m still on bunnies. Tribute to my pet Fluffy. 😛

All these are done with penknife. Still a bit awkward with rounded edges. I cheated by trimming it with scissors. I learned a lesson. I know, now, that i need to start from the middle. Cut whatever that needs to be cut first, then only the outline. I made that grave mistake with rabbits and flowers (refer to 1st post). I cut half of the outline. Was bored with it, so i transfered my scissors to the mid part. Stupid me. Now i know better.

Did these in 2 days.. actually it took less than 10 mins to produce each but i got distracted by other stuff.

The bunnies attack

Close up view – Jumping Bunnies

Jumping Bunnies

Upclose and personal with Reminiscing Bunnies

Reminiscing bunnies

Cute aren’t they? I just love bunnies. I found the designs somewhere online. I cut NOT for business purposes..just for my own scrapbook. Credits to them.

And talking bout scrapbook, i dont own one yet 😛

First cut

June 21, 2008

Excited to blog bout my new found hobby.. Seriously in need of some other things to do, rather than just read read read and read some more. So, here it goes..

Scherenschnitte…even the name sounds cool. Finding a hard time to pronounce? Hehehe doesnt matter. Some people call it paper cutting or silhouette. But i’ll stick with scherenschnitte for the time being..just love the way it’s spelled and pronounced.

first cut - scissors

Basically, i dont need much stuff to start with. Just a pair of sharp scissors (actually i used more than a pair, i even dig out my eyebrow scissors to umm…u know), papers, some sticky tapes or staples and of course a design. I browse lotsa sites to search for a design i like (I am not particularly good at drawing my own). Lucky me, i found Ellen Brown’s. Credits to her 🙂

first cut - rabbit and flowers in the process

In the process of snipping..

first cut - rabbit and flowers

And here, the end product.

As you can see, it’s not very smooth..I’m not good with craft knife. My ovals, curves end up squarish. I have time, i’ll master it soon hehehe.. Gambatte

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