Of People and Environment

August 28, 2008


I guess I’ll deviate from animals and fairies for the time being. Too many bunnies and fairies filling up my album, so I’ve decided to cut some humans instead. I pulled a random picture from the net, simply printed it black and white, and started cutting. Looked good heheheh..

Here it is.

Very carefree sorta silhouette. Reminds me of those days in school. No worries over money, work, bills… Just study, study, and study more. Good grades, bad grades…ahhhhh….wish i’m a 12 year old all over again T_T

That’s it for now. No more new stuff coming from me. I’ve not done any this week. T_T Prolly i’ll do some during the holidays 🙂 Catch up soon.


2 Responses to “Of People and Environment”

  1. rose caprio Says:

    in the 4 stages of life child stage is the one which every ony likes the most because in this stage no worries,tension only playing n enjoying life.

  2. massy Says:

    rachie! this is great! I love it! XD

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