Miaow Miaowwww

July 29, 2008

To all cat lovers…

Look at those details 🙂 Had fun with those tricky whiskers and eyes

The finishing product after 1.5 hours (approx) bending over my study table with super sore fingers. Looks pretty good ain’t it 😀

Sadly, not the case 😦 Those cats have missing whiskers, disconnected paws, disfigured eyes, severed leg…. :S Poor cats..I’ve circled in RED.

Since this is unsatisfactory, i did another one 🙂 Rear view of these 5 cats hehehe… (took me another 1.5 hours)

A closer look..i like the tail especially.

All i can say is, this one is perfect or should i say “PURR-fect”. Best cutting i’d done so far!


3 Responses to “Miaow Miaowwww”

  1. yeaw Says:

    miao miao!!! sexy finger…XD

  2. massy Says:

    Waw rach rach i rike ohh…so cute the kitty XD

  3. Rachael Says:

    BB > sore fingers 😦 Those cats like your cats at home

    Massy > Heheh i knew you’ll like it XD

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