Of windy weekends and double dead cars…

July 28, 2008

It was a remarkable weekend. The weather was odd. It has been raining whole year. Strong wind, storm… Got a chance to sneak some tv time while drying my hair last night (read news headlines, i couldn’t hear what those anchormen were muttering). It seems like typhoons were everywhere. At first it was China, now Taiwan. Romania is drowned. Anyway, it was super windy at KYC. Bf was very anxious to windsurf but hehehe..sail broke. Can’t play. He, however, managed to get the other 2 monkeys (Anson, ROC) to “surf” with his surfboard. While they were surfing in the sea, I was stuck at the shore with the ever fateful NDS.

Waited ages for them. Sand flying here and there. I got sand in my eyes, sand in my hair (+ salty, tangled), sand on my slippers..i even ate some sand. When they finally came ashore, I refreshed myself and waited another eons for them to bath. Round 2.45pm, bundled in Anson’s car, we stopped by Tg. Aru for a quickie car wash. Anson finally has a clean, perfumed car now. <- am promoting him..

Since i won some free movie tickets & popcorn set coupons, we set off to watch Hancock. ‘M loving it! Best superhero movie with a twist. “Good job”.

Bundled all up in Anson’s, we went back to the club. Pool table was conquered, so had to make do with just chitchatting by the veranda, discussing dinner plans when they spot a family in distressed over their dead car. 2 girls & a guy pushing a lilac mazda. It was funny, the car was not moving an inch. Hahahahahaha…(take note : i was laughing).

Experienced they were with their car-pushing-scene-at-CP-parking-lot few months back, of course they decided to help. God, they pushed and pushed, not working. They took out their car battery in hope to install to the other car. I don’t understand this part..but it was a bad idea. ROC, bad idea! Asked around for jumper cable, no one has. Apparently those members at the club were not helping either. Sometimes i wonder why men (and women), the richer they are, the less willing they are to help. Snobs… They pushed and pushed again, and thank god, the car finally sputtered to life. Lucky they were, cause storm was brewing and it was already drizzling. Auntie put in the wrong gear for choke start.

So, soaking wet, we were off to dinner. Chicken rice dinner. Guess what? The bf forgotten to switched off his headlamp. (Take note : Remember that i laughed earlier.. Was not laughing then :p)

Haizzzzzzzz…..another dead car. Weather wasn’t helping either. IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS. Glad ROC tagged along for dinner. Went home to find jumper cables in ROC’s car, NADA. Made another pit stop at granny’s cause dad said : “granny has”.

So, armed finally with a cable, went back to the chicken rice area. Hooked up the cable and gave the dying battery a jolt. Haizzz…by the time the cars were alive, we were soaking wet. Seriously a tiring day. Went home, bathed, chit chat a little, sleep.

Just when i was drifting off ..TANG TANG TANG.. Poor rabbit of mine, i’d totally forgotten bout her. She made a ruckus by stomping her foot against the cage nearing midnight. When i peaked at her from my window, she was facing my window, ignoring her carrot. Poor Fluffy. She must have been very pissed. Dragged myself up, went outside pat her awhile b4 i hit the sack.

End of the day. Memorable day that’s worth a line or two). Will be updating with my cuttings after i edit those pictures 🙂 So, watch out 🙂

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