Sneak Peek Revealed

July 10, 2008

Have been procrastinating for quite some time. Cant find the time to edit the pics i took of my cuttings. Picnik is slow to load. Wonder what’s wrong with the line these days.

Anyway, here are those bunnieesssss πŸ™‚ MORE BUNNY… this time a bit Chinesey. Took me longer to cut these. I did some changes to the original sketch as well. Omitted the chinese word. No idea what word it was (prolly it meant rabbit)…hehehe shame on me.

Original chinese bunnnnny

Original design. Notice the outlines in blue? Getting rid of the word and replaced with more flowers πŸ™‚

Bunny..see the butt

Got a hard time knifing those little slits on the rabbit’s neck and leg areas…i actually sliced off part of the butt (hehehe but u cant see,can u? :p)

Black version

Another shot of the bunny..

FramedBlack version

The bunnies in whole..

Did a quickie snip the day before yesterday. Guess whom i’ve snipped?

… (maybe sensitive to your eyes. children be careful)



3 Responses to “Sneak Peek Revealed”

  1. massy Says:

    wuah rach rach very nice oh!

  2. Rachael Says:

    thanks massy! More coming ^^

  3. yeaw Says:

    love the pedobear!!! kekekeke

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