Snip snip utensils

July 2, 2008

In short, my tools.

In shorter terms, my faithful scissors and penknives.

snip snip..

I think i have more than half a dozen of scissors of various sizes, but only 3 are suitable.

slash slash

Penknives i have 2. Blades..umm..lost it. Currently using a rusty but well-oiled blade. Doing its job well. I have nothing to complain except…


Holding a universal penknife (or any stuff) is always an inconvenience for a lefty. The penknife left its imprint on my finger after 20mins. Hehehe..i think i should wrap the rubber thingy sometimes found on those ballpens or just flip the blade the other way round and hold it “the other way round”. Haiz…sad sad.

Anyway, sneak preview of what i’m doing now. Been dragging it as usual. Heheheh..

can see?

(i notice all my pics were either black/white/yellow/orange…sorry. i’m still trying out silhouettes)


One Response to “Snip snip utensils”

  1. yeaw Says:

    poor finger.. 🙂

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