Bunnies and more…

June 24, 2008

I’m still on bunnies. Tribute to my pet Fluffy. 😛

All these are done with penknife. Still a bit awkward with rounded edges. I cheated by trimming it with scissors. I learned a lesson. I know, now, that i need to start from the middle. Cut whatever that needs to be cut first, then only the outline. I made that grave mistake with rabbits and flowers (refer to 1st post). I cut half of the outline. Was bored with it, so i transfered my scissors to the mid part. Stupid me. Now i know better.

Did these in 2 days.. actually it took less than 10 mins to produce each but i got distracted by other stuff.

The bunnies attack

Close up view – Jumping Bunnies

Jumping Bunnies

Upclose and personal with Reminiscing Bunnies

Reminiscing bunnies

Cute aren’t they? I just love bunnies. I found the designs somewhere online. I cut NOT for business purposes..just for my own scrapbook. Credits to them.

And talking bout scrapbook, i dont own one yet 😛


Scissors affair

June 23, 2008

Finally stepped foot in 1Borneo yesterday evening.. From the newspaper, it looked like midvalley. Sad to say, it’s much smaller, well, at least to me. As it is still under construction and most shops under renovation, it was dusty inside out. It’s stil FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from being a “lifestyle hypermall“. Hopefully when it’s all done, it will look much more like one. Oh, before i forget, i have to tell u bout the parking bay. Uber annoying. Wonder who designed it.

The only shop i seemed to be interested in was Daiso. Great japanese store..all stuff priced at RM5 (i seriously hope this is true). Saw lotsa scissorssss…. When i say lots, i mean lots. There are scissors for papers, for sewing purposes, for the kitchen, for trimming flower, beauty purposes and for fishing. No, u read correctly, for fishing. It’s cute. Rounded head with a little hole… 😀 Never knew such scissors existed. Prolly it’s for cutting nylon strings..now i know where to get one when i’m out fishing and is desperately in need of a pair scissors hehe.

Anyway, spotted a pretty, slim-figured scissor . Will be mine soooonnnn. It’s one of those pointed beauty scissors. Easier to reach into those tricky and tiny areas. The current one i have is curvy..not a very good choice.

First cut

June 21, 2008

Excited to blog bout my new found hobby.. Seriously in need of some other things to do, rather than just read read read and read some more. So, here it goes..

Scherenschnitte…even the name sounds cool. Finding a hard time to pronounce? Hehehe doesnt matter. Some people call it paper cutting or silhouette. But i’ll stick with scherenschnitte for the time being..just love the way it’s spelled and pronounced.

first cut - scissors

Basically, i dont need much stuff to start with. Just a pair of sharp scissors (actually i used more than a pair, i even dig out my eyebrow scissors to umm…u know), papers, some sticky tapes or staples and of course a design. I browse lotsa sites to search for a design i like (I am not particularly good at drawing my own). Lucky me, i found Ellen Brown’s. Credits to her 🙂

first cut - rabbit and flowers in the process

In the process of snipping..

first cut - rabbit and flowers

And here, the end product.

As you can see, it’s not very smooth..I’m not good with craft knife. My ovals, curves end up squarish. I have time, i’ll master it soon hehehe.. Gambatte

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