January 31, 2009

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Of People and Environment

August 28, 2008


I guess I’ll deviate from animals and fairies for the time being. Too many bunnies and fairies filling up my album, so I’ve decided to cut some humans instead. I pulled a random picture from the net, simply printed it black and white, and started cutting. Looked good heheheh..

Here it is.

Very carefree sorta silhouette. Reminds me of those days in school. No worries over money, work, bills… Just study, study, and study more. Good grades, bad grades…ahhhhh….wish i’m a 12 year old all over again T_T

That’s it for now. No more new stuff coming from me. I’ve not done any this week. T_T Prolly i’ll do some during the holidays 🙂 Catch up soon.


August 25, 2008

The title was “People”. Now it is not.

Was gonna update with my latest cuttings, but that has to wait. Caught up with some last minute system studies and brainstorming. Furthermore, it’s almost time to go home. And my car, it’s currently in the workshop. I hv no car to go home, that’s y i’m still in office at 6pm, waiting for transport. haiz…So, yeah, i’ll catch up tomorrow, or the day after. Or prolly the day after.. Not sure.

Wilderness Parade

August 18, 2008’s been more than a week. I have yet to cut anything. Am really preoccupied with my mountainous work. It just keeps getting higher and higher. Had to sacrifice my cutting time for work. The last i cut was another… prolly i should let u know after i finish 🙂 prolly noticed the fancy title. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s nothing close to “wilderness”. The word just struck and got stuck in my head.

Here it is..the one i had done same time with those fairies. Just too lazy to edit the pic.

Hoax…not wilderness. Just having fun with my figurines. I think that my lassie is cute and should be included. So did the lamb, the dairy lass and piglet 😀

This is wilderness parade..

6 animals of great stature.

  1. Lion, king of the jungle.
  2. Ostrich, largest and fastest bird on land (hope i’m correct)
  3. Hippo, huge herbivore
  4. Elephant, most massive animal on land.
  5. Rhino, another massive animal, just behind elephant.
  6. Giraffe. Needless to say, tallest animal.

The grass is randomly knifed..lucky it looks good from far :p

I have 4 fairies tucked away safely in my album. Hoping they’ll grant me wishes hahaha.

Lemme have the pleasure of introducing them to you.

This is Monday. She has a wand. Hope she has thousands.., okay, i shouldn’t be greedy, hundreds of wishes to give away FOC. Anyway, she’s missing a wing. There was some mishap when i was shaping her hand. Monday blues i guess…

Here is Tuesday. She’s having a blast watching me cutting her other fairy friend, Wednesday.

Wednesday… Nice to meet ya! She’s intrigued with butterflies. You can see she’s holding one now 🙂 I like her hair. It’s tied up nicely…

Meet Thursday… She, like Wednesday, loves to mingle with butterflies. This one took me longer to cut (coz of those grass). And her hair, a bit medusa-ish. Cant help it, to complicated to be done with a exacto. My pair of scissors is too big to snip those curves.

No Friday, Saturday nor Sunday yet. Soon I hope, quite busy at the moment.

Ugly but still…

August 5, 2008

So, i finally try to draw my own and cut my own. Errm…not very nice.

I think my drawing was passable. Passable hor?? (say it’s passable..thanks). But when i was cutting, i err..”improvise” a litttttllllleeeee bit. And ended up with…

Hmm… It’s too squarish at those supposedly-meant-to-be-roundish areas.. And, haiz, one look can tell it’s out of proportion. Nvm, i have time to improve in my drawing & my cutting techniques.

Miaow Miaowwww

July 29, 2008

To all cat lovers…

Look at those details 🙂 Had fun with those tricky whiskers and eyes

The finishing product after 1.5 hours (approx) bending over my study table with super sore fingers. Looks pretty good ain’t it 😀

Sadly, not the case 😦 Those cats have missing whiskers, disconnected paws, disfigured eyes, severed leg…. :S Poor cats..I’ve circled in RED.

Since this is unsatisfactory, i did another one 🙂 Rear view of these 5 cats hehehe… (took me another 1.5 hours)

A closer look..i like the tail especially.

All i can say is, this one is perfect or should i say “PURR-fect”. Best cutting i’d done so far!